Welcome to ABR International


Today, I would like to present you a totally new perspective on Cerebral Palsy, where you will take a completely different look at your special one!
 In a world strongly focused on performance, from which your child unfortunately does not escape, I rather propose you to primarily and genuinely focus on the ‘HUMAN BEING’, your child.
Step back for a moment and ask yourself:
What is the essence of what I have been tackling thus far?
 ‘How many more meters, how many more seconds is my child managing?  Which therapy could help him/her expand these painstaking efforts and modest achievement to even longer periods of time, or longer distances…’ This is what the majority of us does, isn’t it?
But have you considered the following? ‘What is my child’s ability to express his/her own personality?; 
what is his/her perception of the world? Is he/she in a condition to even be able to aspire to enjoy life
like any other child?’
In other words, what is more important? focusing on the ‘machine’, measuring his mileage or bringing rehabilitation more closely to the human perspective?
When I ask parents:  what are your expectations? Walking and talking are the most frequent answers I get.
‘If he could only walk…or talk.’    But, think about it for a second: this is NOT your primay desire!!! 
Your primary desire is the basic desire to enjoy your child and make this relationship a flourishing one, isn’t it?
Walking, talking  is all about DOING! The largest and most fundamental question we have to ask ourselves:
are we human BEINGS or human DOINGS?
And this is reflected through the struggles they are experiencing  on a daily basis.  I see children who do not breathe efficiently and fight with mucus accumulating his their lungs on a daily basis,children who are constipated day in day out, children who never sleep through the night,and have never experienced a good, restorative rest, children who already lack energy and vigor and are still being pushed to the maximum to perform better… in other words , children who are just not in a condition  to smile, laugh and interact with you, their parents and siblings, in a happy and rewarding way!
ABR has the best results ever registered in developing motor performance. 
And surprisingly enough, our focus is not PERFORMANCE, not on DOING, but…on BEING!
Our goals are…
  • Build in your child the essential fabric of health and well-BEING​​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Expand your child’s physiological and metabolic conditions to give him/her a chance to ‘enjoy’ the surrounding world and his/her relationship with you
  • Intelligently ‘build the blocks’ of developmental milestones instead of  forcing  performance that is not within their reach with their actual structure, anyway
ABR is about improving your child’s structure and metabolism because,
WE  believe that first and foremost, we are ‘humans’ and ‘BEING’ is just as important as ‘DOING’.