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ABR International Online Program – 12 months

Why are we launching the 12 Months ABR International Online Program?

In 2019, Leonid Blyum anticipated the growing need for online ABR training within his ABR groups in Europe (Spain, Austria, Finland and Hungary) because even without the coronavirus disruption, long-distance travel with wheel-chaired children is and has always been difficult.

Fortunately, that helped us to accumulate significant expertise handling the ABR training online. That’s why today, in 2020, we can speak confidently that we have a really solid working solution that could be delivered to you at home, so that you can start helping your child’s respiratory system right away.

The ABR Online Program offers an extensive case review of your child by Leonid Blyum, a tailored online training with ongoing supervision and follow-up by our team of ABR Trainers and several group training sessions to discuss and over-learn about ABR techniques, parental coaching.

In addition, it includes an APR (Annual Progress Report) and the access to the online library of ABR exercises to help you in your successful implementation of the ABR Online Program at home.


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COST: 3,499.00 USD




Leonid Blyum’s video with all the details on the new ABR International Online Program – 12 months (English + Spanish)


First Step: Your ABR Express Review

All families within the ABR International Online Program 12 Months,  get an online case review- we call it the “ABR Express Review” by Leonid Blyum.

In the ABR Express Review, Leonid digs into the specifics of your child condition, points out which are the most important and urgent issues to start working right now and which is the 1 year plan for your child.  Based on this plan, Leonid prepares the fully customized ABR Online Program to be delivered by you at home.

What do we need for the ABR Express Review?

  •  Several (4-6) 2 min videos and photos of your child in his daily home activities (eating, playing, crawling, sitting, walking, swimming…)
  • 2 respiratory videos (prone and supine) of 30-40 sec., full trunk and in underwear, to capture the respiratory mechanics of your child.
  • Your ABR Family Questionnaire – with all the information about your child’s diagnosis, previous interventions and therapies, actual condition and your main concerns for the future.


What does the ABR International Online Program – 12 Months – include?

  • ABR Express Review by Leonid Blyum. Your case review, where your 1 year ABR goals are set and you receive a fully comprehensive understanding of your child starting point situation.
  • 3 Tailored ABR Exercises Programs prepared by Leonid Blyum based on Express Review information, covering 1 year of ABR delivery at home.
  • Immediate access to the new ABR techniques developed by Leonid Blyum during the ABR Europe live sessions.
  • 3 ABR Online Training Sessions. No travel required. By Skype with your Online Program ABR Trainer.  A new set of ABR exercises every 4 months.
  • 6 Online Group Training sessions. All families within the ABR Online Program will have access to 6 online training sessions that will address different topics:
    • ABR Techniques Review.
    • Spasticity, pain, standing frame, facial expression, resources for better positional management…
    • Antifragility.
    • Q&A.
  • 12 months of ABR support through  Whatsapp with our team of trainers. Allowing you to be in touch and get the replies to any question or concern about your ABR International Online Program. Hassle-free, immediate, no waiting days to get your reply. Any question about the ABR position regarding your child’s life other therapies, schooling, surgeon visits… is also welcomed.
  • Access to the Online library of ABR Europe and ABR International exercises – where you can find the exercises prescribed by Leonid Blyum for your child.
  • An Annual Progress Report (APR). Allowing you to visualize and understand the improvements on your child’s condition after the 12 months of ABR Online Program work.

I want to start my ABR International Online Program RIGHT NOW!

COST: 3,499.00 USD


ABR International Online Program – 12 Months:

From home, via Skype or Zoom, ABR trainers guide parents or caregivers in the ABR techniques to get started immediately without committing to travel or waiting for live Sessions in your area.

Tailored exercises prescribed by Leonid Blyum.

12 months of ABR support.

New ABR tools and techniques


More information:

You can contact us via Whatsapp +34644919805 (Manuel Pascual) or email manuel@abrhispano.com


More information and Prices: REGISTRATION FORM

BOOK YOUR PLACE – Payment with Credit Card: 

COST: 3,499.00 USD