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ABR Online Program – 12 months

All your ABR, from your home, with full support and access to all ABR innovations.

In 2020, Leonid Blyum, the founder of ABR, created the ABR Online Training model as an extension of the in-person courses offered in Spain, Hungary, Finland, and Austria.

The ABR Online Program provides individualized online training with continuous monitoring and supervision by our team of trainers, offering guidance on ABR techniques and parental coaching.

The ABR Online Program includes a comprehensive review of your child’s case by Leonid Blyum and three tailored online training sessions with continuous supervision and follow-up from our ABR Trainer team.

Moreover, you have access to our monthly Webinars and Question-and-answer sessions with Leonid Blyum. Here, you can ask live questions and receive an unscripted, organic response to any concerns you may have. Additionally, you get access to the online ABR exercise library to aid in the successful implementation of your ABR Online Program at home – for 12 months.

The 12-month Online Program by ABR is a highly personalized and specialized program.

You will learn all the basic and advanced ABR techniques to improve:


  • Breathing
  • Digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Sleep
  • Energy


  • Trunk strength and posture
  • Weight-bearing
  • Muscle relaxation


  • Gaze
  • Alertness
  • Happiness

You will gain invaluable and lifelong ABR tools and techniques.

You will learn how to set up your own rehabilitation program comfortably at home.

Note: This training is complete in itself, with no obligations. You can conclude it at the end of this one-year program. However, if you’re pleased with the results and wish to go further, you can seamlessly continue your ABR training in the following years!

 What does the ABR Online Program – 12 Months – include?

  • ABR Case Review by Leonid Blyum. Your case review, where your 1 year ABR goals are set and you receive a fully comprehensive understanding of your child’s starting point situation.
  • 3 Tailored ABR Exercises Programs prepared by Leonid Blyum based on Case Review information, covering 1 year of ABR delivery at home.
  • Immediate access to the new ABR techniques developed by Leonid Blyum during the live ABR Sessions in Europe.
  • 3 ABR Online Training Sessions. No travel required. With your Online Program ABR Trainer.  A new set of ABR exercises every 4 months.
  • 12 months Access to the monthly Webinars and Q&A’s with Leonid Blyum – where you can get organic unprepared live responses to whichever question you want Leonid Blyum to reply.
  • 12 months of ABR support through  Whatsapp with our team of trainers. Allowing you to be in touch and get the replies to any question or concern about your ABR International Online Program. Hassle-free, immediate, no waiting days to get your reply. Any question about the ABR position regarding your child’s life other therapies, schooling, surgeon visits… is also welcomed.
  • Access to the Online library of ABR Europe and ABR International exercises – where you can find the exercises prescribed by Leonid Blyum for your child.

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ABR Online Program - 12 months

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What do I have to do to start my ABR Online Program – 12 months?

When you join the ABR Online Program, you will get an online case review by Leonid Blyum.

In the ABR Case Review, Leonid digs into the specifics of your child’s condition and points out which are the most important and urgent issues to start working on right now. We also lay out the 1-year development plan for your child.  Based on this plan, Leonid prepares the fully tailored ABR Online Program to be delivered by you at home.

Step 1. Send us your children’s videos:

Record 30-45 seconds on each activity/position.

Keep the camera still, don’t move it while you are recording. When you finish recording, move to the next spot and start recording again in the following area or view.

Do not overzoom. We always prefer to have a full view of the body whenever it is possible. Closer views are Ok when you are trying to capture the respiration movements.

Sent them to us via WhatsApp (+34644919805 or email: manuel@abrhispano.com)

What videos do we need?

1) Respiratory movements: prone and supine, underwear, full body (head and pelvis included) stay still and record how the respiration is (if ribs are moving, if the abdomen is engaged, if the neck has some movement)
2) Lying on the bed, full body, underwear, to see the natural positioning of the body, arms, legs
3) Regular home activities: Eating and drinking, use the laptop or the phone, drawing, solo playing, swimming pool play…
4 ) Transitions from the chair to the bench or bed (or ground to chair) – if you can have them recorded
5) Neck control – does he/she lift and keep the neck up while you are playing, singing or doing activities with his/her favorite things
6) Face expressions
7) Record how you are currently doing ABR with your latest program – if you have already started ABR
8) Other therapies being delivered
9) Sitting in the bed or bench. Full body view from front, side and back. Make round movements with the arms and move the arms up and down. Views from front and back.
10) Walking back and forth (views from the front and the back). Or crawling or commando crawl.
11) A photo of your current set of ABR materials (if you are renewing or did ABR in the past)
12) Any recent X-rays done

Step 2. Fill Out the Family Questionnaire

This will be the basis for the ABR Case Review and you can utilize it to let us know your main questions or concerns. Detail all the information about your child’s diagnosis, previous interventions and therapies, actual condition, and your main concerns for the future.

Step 3. Receive your ABR Case Review prepared by Leonid Blyum.
Using the videos and information provided in the Online Questionnaire, Leonid Blyum will prepare your child’s ABR Case Review and a customized ABR exercise program for your child based on your child’s particular structural, motor, and functional condition.

Step 4. Start working with your ABR program.
We will start with a mini-set of exercises so that you can get started as soon as possible, even before you receive your customized program.

When Leonid Blyum prepares your customized ABR exercise program, the 12 months of support from the ABR Online Program will begin.

I want to start my ABR International Online Program RIGHT NOW!

ABR International

ABR Online Program - 12 months

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From home, via Skype or Zoom, ABR trainers guide parents or caregivers in the ABR techniques to get started immediately without committing to travel or waiting for live Sessions in your area.

Tailored exercises prescribed by Leonid Blyum.

12 months of ABR support.

New ABR tools and techniques

Do you need more information:

Contact us via Whatsapp +34644919805 (Manuel Pascual) or email manuel@abrhispano.com and let us know what you need to know about the ABR Online Program.

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