Welcome to ABR International


How do I proceed to benefit from your free Skype pre-evaluation of my child?

Very simple!  Just go to the interactive calendar and choose the date and time most appropriate for you. Enter your Skype username and information requested.  We will contact you by e-mail or telephone to confirm the appointment.  The pre-evaluation lasts approximately 30 minutes.

How should I proceed to register to your program?

Complete the Beneficiary Form online.  Upon reception, our accounting department will ask for a deposit to secure your place at the next training session closest to your home.  Then, our administrative assistant, Helena, will contact you to make sure all your questions are duly answered.

How many sessions should I attend and how many days do they last?

The Thrive and Flourish Program 1 consists of 3 semi-annual sessions (ex. January/June/January). Each session lasts 3 full days.

The Thrive and Flourish Program 2 consists of only 2 semi-annual sessions (ex. January/June). Each session lasts 3 full days.

The Forti Genesis Program consists of 2 semi-annual sessions. Each session lasts 2 days.

How many years do I have to commit to your program?

This is really up-to-you. All our programs have a duration of one year.  If your child is moderately or severely affected, our Thrive and Flourish Program 1 is created in such a way that you may decide to commit to only one year of ABR and still get an extraordinary set of tools and techniques to set up your own rehabilitation program at home for years to come.

If after the One-year Thrive and Flourish program 1, you want to learn more sophisticated techniques, you may register to the one-year Thrive and Flourish Program 2, which is also complete in and of itself. No strings attached.

Parents who, after completing both ‘Thrive and Flourish Programs 1 & 2’ would like to target more specific problems/asymmetries in their child are welcome to the one-year Forti Genesis program.

Please note that parents who wish to get their techniques revised or their child re-evaluated after any of the Thrive and Flourish Programs, but do not wish to commit to the Forti Genesis Program, may benefit from ‘pay-as-you-go’ services.

Are there any extra fees to the training session that I have to budget?

Yes. All sessions offered outside Montreal imply TTFs (Trainer’s Travelling Fees), that are shared by all the families attending the session. This method allows the families to avoid long and expensive trips to Montreal to attend their sessions and spend huge amounts in flights, hotels, meals, etc… as well as save them and the child unnecessary fatigue and stress.

Where do you hold your training sessions outside of Montreal?

All our training sessions are held in reputable hotels nearby restaurants and food markets, to accommodate families.

Do you offer ‘distance training’ through videos or Skype?

Yes, distance training through Skype is an option offered to the families once they have acquired enough technical skills to be able to consider one distant training per year.

What countries offer ABR?

Our Centers welcome families in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

In the Americas, 9 satellites are distributed across Canada (Toronto, Montreal), United States (Pennsylvania, California, Florida), Mexico (Mexico City), Colombia (Cali), Chile (Santiago) and Argentina (Pergamino).