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3 Options for you to get your ABR International Online Training:


ABR Introductory Online Module – 3 Months

The easiest way to start or reintroduce ABR to help your child

ABR International

Introductory Online Module

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COST: 1,449.00 USD


ABR International Online Program – 12 Months.

The classic ABR Training, but now Online and with much much more!

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ABR International Online Program - 12 months

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COST: 3,499.00 USD



ABR Respiratory Online Module – 3 Months

With special focus on the respiratory and digestive needs of your child.

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Dear Friends!

As coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, everyone knows how to behave responsibly – self-isolate and respect social distancing. However, all these measures are not to prevent this viral spread completely but just to slow it down. About 70% of population will get this virus anyway, but slowing its spread now allows life-saving healthcare to function and not to get overloaded all at once.

This level of thinking is global and statistical, but let me ask you a personal question:

How ready are you and your child for this unknown and atypical illness?

So far, it has been obvious that the coronavirus affects the FRAGILE population a lot more, which brings the wheel-chaired and bed-ridden children affected by cerebral palsy and genetic disorders into the higher risk category – because their respiratory capacity is restricted and general vitality is lower.

Do you have the strategy and tools to help your child in strengthening their respiratory system; improving overall vitality; and reducing their metabolic overload?

ABR is the therapy that has always been focused on ‘health-and-vitality-first’ approach to rehabilitation. Unlike the other systems that often push the visible functional goals at the expense of a child’s overall structural health, ABR has 20 years of expertise in building robust and healthy bodies even for severely affected children with cerebral palsy and genetic disorders.

Thanks to this accumulated experience, knowledge and tools:

ABR is able to offer a personal ‘health risk minimization’ program for you and your child.

It is a special “Coronavirus Alert” ABR Respiratory Online Module.

This Module combines the safety and convenience of online delivery with the 100% customization and a tailor-made program that will be specifically elaborated for your child by Leonid Blyum (ABR Founder).

In 2019 we have already anticipated the growing need for online ABR training, because even without the coronavirus disruption, long-distance travel with wheel-chaired children is difficult.

Fortunately, that helped us to accumulate significant expertise before the current crisis. That’s why today we can speak confidently that we have a really solid working solution that could be delivered to you at home, so that you can start helping your child’s respiratory system right away.

We also realize that the other side of the coronavirus pandemic is the shock to the economy, where a lot of you feel uneasy about making longer-term commitments and investments.

That’s why we made this special “Coronavirus Alert” ABR Respiratory Online Module priced as low as we possibly could, given the fact that this an individualized program that is custom-made for your child individually, and then delivered in 1-on-1 session online.

On top of that we are providing on-going WhatsApp support for 3 months, so that we can answer any questions that you might have about the new ABR exercises and their delivery at home.

This program is the most affordable and the most user-friendly ABR program ever, and we really want to make it easy for you to make an informed decision and to start helping your child NOW, building maximum respiratory strength and health resistance through vitality.


I am looking forward to helping you and your children!


Leonid Blyum

ABR Founder and Principal Researcher