Welcome to ABR International

Our mission

Improve your child’s quality of life!

ABR is an international leader in Cerebral Palsy (CP) rehabilitation. Founded by Leonid Blyum in 2000, we use the world’s most innovative and scientifically proven techniques and technology.

Our home-based rehabilitation approach empowers parents of special needs children. It improves the child’s vital functions, motor functions, awareness and interaction with his/her environment.

ABR’s mission > We transform the quality of life of children affected with Cerebral Palsy (CP) while improving their health, motor performance and awareness.

You want to improve your child’s performance… but not at the expense of his/her well-being and happiness! We understand!!!

We have seen hundreds of children being pushed to extreme performance and have witnessed first hand how they have been overlooked as ‘human beings’. This is the precise reason that we created ABR. Our ‘Reason for Being’ is to offer you a proven and scientific method to help your child with CP ‘Thrive and Flourish’, as any other child, while simultaneously improving his/her motor functions.