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ABR Express Review

Request an ABR Express Review of your Child by Leonid Blyum

Leonid Blyum and ABR International offer a free Express Review where we will analyze your child’s specific situation and whether ABR is able to be of significant benefit to your child’s condition and quality of life.

The easiest way to have your questions answered in person and in detail is to contact Manuel Pascual , ABR Program Coordinator at +34644919805 (Whatsapp) or email at manuel@abrhispano.com

To request your ABR Express Review by Leonid Blyum,  please send us:

4-6 videos of your child activities at home:

  • Respiratory Movements: prone and supine, underwear, full body (head and pelvis included). Stay still and record how your child’s respiration is (if ribs are moving, if abdomen is engaged, if neck has some movement)
  • Eating and drinking
  • Lying on the floor/bed, full body, underwear, to capture the natural positioning of his/her body, arms, legs
  • Playing by himself/herself with toys
  • Neck control – please make some videos where one can see how good he can hold his head position
  • Face expressions
  • Transitions. From the floor to sitting or kneeling…
  • Crawling or commando crawling / Walking

A short description of your child’s challenges, issues and diagnosis.

Please use the following online form: ABR Express Review – Request Form

You will get your ABR International Express Review  on a video reply from Leonid Blyum in less than 2 weeks – with a detailed description of your child’s condition and how ABR could be of help to improve it!

Our ABR Express Review by Leonid Blyum is 100% ONLINE, FREE, and QUICK.

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