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A unique approach

A unique expertise in Cerebral Palsy!

ABR is a precursor in the field of Cerebral Palsy (CP), as we are the FIRST and ONLY ONES to successfully address fascia in brain-injured children, encouraging the re-alignment of their musculoskeletal structure and their overall global development.

Our approach creates the strengthening and remodeling of fascia (connective tissues) which in turn constitutes the real framework of the human body, bringing a totally new dimension in the field of rehabilitation for brain injured patients.

Play this short video to learn more about fascia.

A human and caring approach!

At ABR, we really care about your child! Your child’s quality of life is thus at the heart of our priorities.

To thrive and flourish, a child is able to:

  • breathe efficiently
  • digest properly
  • sleep in a restorative way
  • interact with the environment with energy and vigor
ABR cares about your child’s personal rhythm, well-being and happiness throughout his/her entire journey, while developing better motor

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