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7 essential improvements at your fingertips through fascia strengthening techniques

Part 7

Experience true happiness and joy with your child with Cerebral Palsy!

All ABR children do significantly improve  motor functions… but ABR goal is to make them emerge at the same time as healthier, stronger, happier kids…which reflects  on  the entire family’s happiness.

Let me ask you a question:

What would bring happiness and joy to your child… and yourself?

Most parents spontaneously answer:   ‘If he/she could only walk!’, ‘If he/she could only talk!’

But, are you sure that this is what would really make your child happier?

As human beings, we have the tendency of seeing things through our own lens, through our reality…  which is not necessarily our child’s reality. 

Walking and talking is an essential part of our happiness and many parents are ready to do anything (and very often even overdo it…) in order to bring their child to THEIR reality… instead of respecting HIS/HERS! 

Too often, this immense desire to bring their child to what they consider ‘paradise’, turns out to be ‘hell’ for the child, as over-stimulation and constant insatisfaction with results, soon takes over all reason.

It is for this reason that it is so imperative to reconsider the whole rehabilitation approach and focus on the human aspect… more precisely towards the human ‘being’.

This implies that you stop looking at ‘how many meters’, ‘how many seconds’ your child is managing,  but rather look at the fundamentals:   What is your child’s repertoire? What is your child’s ability to express themselves? Develop their own personality? Explore the world?

You need to bring the whole situation closer to the human perspective rather than focusing ONLY on ‘what is wrong with the machine’,  constantly and avidly measuring how many meters, seconds, more…

Happiness and thriving intersect and connect with one another.

And this happens at 3 levels:


Level 1

Human contact, translating into unconditional love … independently of what he/she can or cannot do.

Level 2

Real thriving…  if your child is heavily struggling, facing metabolic challenges on a daily basis,  then it is very difficult for him/her and the family to genuinely experience happiness.   That’s where the concept of Vitality and vigor vs vulnerability and fragility discussed in Part 1 of this series comes into place and should be a priority over any desire for motor development.

This is THE central element.​​​​​​​

Level 3

Systematically and cleverly building the blocks which must precede performance: robustness, segmentation, weight-bearing response, autopilot positioning, etc…

And this implies a dramatic change of expectations!  It is not about ‘doing’ it at all cost… it is about developing the very fabric of ‘being’…which is also the very fabric of happiness.

Too many parents look at their child as the ‘broken machine that has to be repaired’.  ABR looks at them as unique individuals with their own character, sensitivity, awareness, thoughts,  love of life, dignity and works at making them ‘thrive and flourish’ as human beings through structural metamorphosis.

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