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ABR International Respiratory Online Module – 3 Months

Why are we launching the ABR International Respiratory Online Module?

Due to the current crisis of the Coronavirus COVID-19, ABR International is offering all our families in the USA and Canada an special “Coronavirus Alert”  ABR Online  Program focused on improving the respiratory and visceral systems, with the aim of improving the respiratory capacity of the children with Cerebral Palsy and other Genetic and Rare diseases in this uncertainty times.

We are receiving very positive news from the ABR families in Italy, the main focus of COVID-19 in Europe, indicating that the children and youngters with Cerebral Palsy, genetic or rare diseases in the ABR Program have overcome Coronavirus infection without problems, thanks to the respiratory approach initiated by the European ABR teams to respond to current risks.

The ABR International Online Respiratory Module is part of the main ABR International Online Program, being in fact its first module. You can find more information about the full ABR International Online Program by clicking on the button below.

The ABR International Respiratory Online Module offers tailored training in the most advanced ABR techniques developed by Leonid Blyum and trained to the families during the live sessions delivered by Leonid in Europe.

In addition, it allows access to the ABR International and ABR Europe’s video library of exercises, which includes all the necessary techniques for the implementation of the Online Respiratory Module at home.


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COST: 1,449.00 USD

What do you need to do?

Step One: Send us your videos

Please record a set of 2-3 videos and photos of your child doing his/her daily activities at home: watching TV, playing, eating, walking, crawling …

Also, a set of 2-3 videos specifically aimed at the respiratory activity of your child. Chest and Back. Front and top view.

Please have your child in underwear clother.

Length of videos: 15-20 seconds each.

Leonid Blyum will prepare a tailored Respiratory Program for each children in the ABR International Online Respiratory Module based mainly on the respiratory condition of your child and on his/her global motor and function situation.


  • 1 Tailored ABR Respiratory Exercises Program. Prepared by Leonid Blyum based on the videos that you have sent to us, specially designed to improve your child’s respiratory mechanics together with the usual ABR structure and health-promotion focus.
  • Immediate access to the new ABR techniques developed by Leonid Blyum during the ABR Europe live sessions.
  • 1 ABR Online training session. Fully Online, without the need for travel or physical contact – specially important in this actual quarantine situation. A one-on-one session over Skype with the ABR International Online Program trainer.
  • 3 months of full online WhatsApp support with our team of ABR trainers. Allowing you to be in touch and get the replies to any question or concern about the ABR International Online Respiratory Module. Hassle-free, inmediate, no waiting days to get your reply. Any question about the position of ABR regarding your child salutogenesis, visits to the surgeon, the School system… is also welcomed.
  • Access to the Online library of ABR Europe and ABR International exercises  – where you can find the exercises prescribed by Leonid Blyum for your child.

Make your payment and start RIGTH NOW: 

COST: 1.449.00 USD

ABR International Respiratory OnlineModule:

From home, via Skype or Zoom, your ABR Online trainer guide parents or caregivers in specific ABR techniques to improve their child’s respiratory and digestive capacity, so that they start immediately without having to move or have contact with third parties.

Personalized exercises prescribed by Leonid Blyum.

3 months of ABR support.

New ABR tools and techniques.

More information:

Please WhatsApp us at +34644919805 (Manuel Pascual) or email us at manuel@abrhispano.com


More info and price: Registration Form

Make your payment and start RIGTH NOW: 

COST: 1.449.00 USD