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ABR’s Nutritional Guide

In the  previous articles, we talked about what a nutritious meal should consist of, food that are beneficial to you CP child and food that should be avoided altogether, good food combinations, beneficial fats, and finally herbs that fight against inflammation of their tissues.
Today, we will concentrate on tips  to keep your child well hydrated.  
To thrive and flourish, it is essential for child to drink enough water.  
We are often witnesses of significant dehydration in children that are severely affected.
Parents tell us ‘they just do not want to drink!’
But can we really expect rain in the desert?
If one does not drink, the tissues no longer hydrate.
And when the tissues no longer hydrate, they contract and stick to each other.
Thus begins a vicious circle. The child is not thirsty and does not demand water because his/her body has become accustomed to survive with very little water.
You need to understand the seriousness and importance of this situation and seek to increase your child’s water consumption at all cost.
  • If necessary, use a syringe to give your child water.
  • Consider giving a flavor to the water: ​​​​​​​Some apple juice or coconut water. Your child will be more receptive if the water tastes good.  Furthermore, the stomach reacts with flavors and creates a movement downwards, which facilitates swallowing.
  • You can also add a natural thickener to water – But avoid thickeners that are corn based, which have a strong probability of being a GMO product (genetically modified organisms).
However, we recommend not to give a lot of water during meals, unless they are consuming a soup.
It is particularly important to know that when a child consumes carbohydrates (ex. cereals), liquid dilutes the enzymes necessary for digestion.