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Leonid Blyum

My motto in Cerebral Palsy is very simple: “Stop fighting –start building” – and do it as passionately and with as much determination as when you were fighting”.

ABR is a ‘peacenick’s’ way for children with Cerebral Palsy where the techniques are non-invasive and aimed at building new strengths and abilities. Sure enough, the peacenick way in Cerebral Palsy is not for everyone – it takes patience, determination, attention to detail and, first and foremost, a firm conviction in saying unambiguous “No” to using brute force at your child.

However, for those who makes the peacenick’s choice– it’s well worth it. It’s really inspiring to see how thanks to ABR work of the parents a life of a quadriplegic child transforms from struggling and suffering to being happy and thriving…