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ABR Machine

Discover the ABR Machine!

To maximize your child’s improvements, ABR provides you with its unique ABR Machine — a device developed to enhance the number of ABR hours you are able to perform daily. The ABR machine is a great complement to the ABR manual work.

The ABR Machine’s key benefits include:

  • Tremendous increase in the number of ABR hours you can perform daily. This is achieved without extra hands-on work from you, and during your child’s routine activities (feeding, TV watching, sleep, etc.)
  • Strong consistency. Eliminates fatigue, boredom and distraction factors.
  • Proven Reliability. The ABR machine doesn’t have ‘bad days,’ as humans do.
  • High Efficiency. The ABR machine produces very slow, long, consistent, smooth movements.
  • Great Manageability of the child. Even if the child shifts his/her body position, the application is kept consistent at the same area and the software makes necessary adjustments to the way the pumps work, in order to maintain the same desired algorithm of application.

The ABR Machine may act as a secondary provider during manual ABR applications, as well as with other daily activities (reading, doing homework, napping, etc.). For wheelchair bound children, these hours can significantly increase, as the machine could be used in parallel throughout most of the day.

May be used overnight, which increases the number of treatment hours by 8 to 10 hours.

The ABR Machine is also available for parents who simply do not have the time and resources to implement more sophisticated and targeted manual ABR exercises.