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Our programs

ABR International offers 3 online-delivered ABR Programs.

Both the ABR Online Program (12 months) and the ABR Introductory Online Module (3 months) come with a full ABR Review  and a personalized prescription of exercises by Leonid Blyum. All These are tailored to your child’s condition (Autism, CP, Down Syndrome, genetic or rare diseases…).

But if you want to have an easier start, our “Easy Sitting” Online Course offers you all the new ABR Tools and Techniques with an easy and straightforward format and 10 state-of-the-art ABR exercises and techniques that will promote sitting  – but at a fraction of the cost.

ABR International Online Program – 12 Months.

The classic ABR Training, but now Online and with much much more!


ABR Introductory Online Module  – 3 months

The new ABR International Online Training Module – Start ABR with 1 training session and 3 months of support





ABR’s “Easy Sitting” Online Course.

Our new ABR Online Program. Start ABR with our lowest price ever!

10 Exercises. Start working right away with easy to follow instructions.

For only 699 USD







ABR International Online Program – 12 Months.

The ABR International Online Program is a highly customized and specialized program

You will learn all basic and advanced ABR techniques to improve:


  • Respiration
  • Digestion and nutrients absorption
  • Sleep
  • Energy


  • Trunk strength and posture
  • Weight-bearing capacity
  • Muscular relaxation


  • Gaze
  • Alertness
  • Happiness

You will leave with lifetime invaluable tools which are the main ABR techniques and will be taught how to set up your own rehabilitation program in the comfort of your home.

Note: This training is complete in and of itself and there are no strings attached. That means you can stop at the end of this one-year program. However, if you are happy with the results and want to go further, you can easily continue our training on the following years!


What does the ABR International Online Program – 12 Months – include?

  • ABR Full Case Review by Leonid Blyum.
  • 3 Tailored ABR Exercises Programs prepared by Leonid Blyum.
  • Access to the Online library of ABR exercises
  • Immediate access to the new ABR techniques developed by Leonid Blyum.
  • 3 ABR Online Training Sessions.
  • 6 Online Group Training sessions
  • 12 months of ongoing ABR support
  • Annual Progress Report (APR).