Welcome to ABR International

Revolutionary techniques

The trans-fascial, visco-elastic stimulation techniques, invented by ABR, bring unprecedented benefits.

They have revolutionized the world of rehabilitation of Cerebral Palsy!

Our techniques and rehabilitation method are :

  • Complementary to conventional approach
  • Easy to learn
  • Non-invasive, soft and passive
  • Can be done while the child is asleep
  • Can be done anywhere
You don’t have to be a professional… ABR training empowers YOU to bring continuous, significant improvements to your child.

Here’s a mother’s comment:

ABR has been a wonderful form of rehabilitation for our whole family. As a mother, I very much enjoy being able to do therapies for Eva, my daughter, from home. It is nice to be able to do therapies and exercises for her that make her feel good and make me feel like I am a meaningful instrument in her growth and progress. Most importantly, Eva is very happy doing the ABR. She enjoys the way it relaxes her because it is not forceful or uncomfortable, nor does she feel defeated because she is repeatedly asked to perform physical tasks that are grueling and/or too difficult for her to actually do.’

Parents choose ABR because of…

  • Its human and fully integrated approach
  • Its soft, non-invasive techniques that improve their child’s musculoskeletal structure as well as metabolism (breathing, digestion and sleep) and sensorial (gaze, alertness, etc.)
  • The patented ABR Machine that accelerates their child’s rehabilitation