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Please bookmark this webpage, so you have access to it at any time. https://abramericas.com/en/easy-sitting-online-course/

What tools do you need for your “Easy Sitting” Online Course?

Please purchase your mini vibrating gun, two or three microfiber cloths, and a non-adhesive elastic gaze bandage. These are all the materials you will need for your Easy Sitting Online Course.

Micro Massage Gun. Around 400 – 500 grams (0.9 – 1.1 lb) Some options below

Microfiber cloth. The same as those used for cleaning at home. 2 or 3 cloths.

Elastic gauze bandage, non-adhesive. Or any other element that serves to hold the cloths without exerting compression.

Your Easy Sitting exercises. Instructions:

There are 10 exercises. Two for each of the main areas designated by Leonid Blyum, creator of the ABR method, to promote “Easy Sitting”


Get the course as it is – understand the main tools and strategies through the Course Introduction – to avoid overwhelm learn the first 3 exercises and start implementing those at home. Few weeks later (once you have enough confidence in your home Easy Sitting routines) – learn the remaining 7 applications. Start working consistently and enjoy a steady progress of your child’s sitting capacity!

  • Time per exercise: 10 minutes
  • Divide your program according to your own availability of time
    • 10 minutes a day. Do 1 exercise each day (in order from 1 to 10) and return to exercise 1 on day 11.
    • 20 minutes a day. Do 2 exercises each day (1 and 2, 3 and 4…) and return to the exercise 1 on day 6.
    • 30 minutes per day. Do 3 exercises each day…
  • You can work from Monday to Friday and rest on the weekend. Or the other way around! Organize your work according to your rhythm of life.
  • Exercises are universally valid for any child with sitting problems.
  • Based on our ABR Principle of “Easy Rehabilitation”.
  • Try them and in 1 week contact us by WhatsApp for your review session, correction, and adjustment of your exercises.
  • With 3 months access to Leonid Blyum’s monthly Q&A sessions – we will send you the link by email as well as the recordings.
  • 10 exercises you can use throughout your child’s life.

Click on the WhatsApp button to contact your ABR trainer, Mauricio Saavedra, and schedule your 50-minute Adjustment and Adaptation Session.

Exercise 1. Easy Sitting Online Course – Sitting Platform.

Why do Exercise 1 – Sitting Platform?

Instructions Exercise 1 – Sitting Platform

Exercise 2. Easy Sitting Online Course – Hip Flexors.

Why do Exercise 2 – Hip Flexors?

Instructions Exercise 2 – Hip Flexors

Exercise 3. Easy Sitting Online Course – Hip Joint.

Why do Exercise 3 – Hip Joint?

Instructions Exercise 3 – Hip Joint.

Enhance your Easy Sitting exercises with the ABR materials pack for only $40 and maximize the distribution and impact of your ABR exercises.

  • 2 x ABR Viscoelastic Foam Pads
  • 1 x ABR Foam Belt

ABR Tool Set "Easy Sitting"

2 Foam Pads + 1 Foam Belt

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