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ABR Machine

Discover the ABR Machine! To maximize your child’s improvements, ABR provides you with its unique ABR Machine — a device developed to enhance the number of ABR hours you are able…

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Training calendar

BOOK YOUR NEXT TRAINING SESSION TODAY! Our trainers travel throughout America to offer our services near your home. Booking a training is simple: Check which region is closest to you…

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For professionals

ABR’s approach is a great complement to the conventional rehabilitation methods of Cerebral Palsy   Background Cerebral palsy (CP) has a prevalence of roughly 0.2-0.3% which, although relatively undersized, translates…

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A unique approach

A unique expertise in Cerebral Palsy! ABR is a precursor in the field of Cerebral Palsy (CP), as we are the FIRST and ONLY ONES to successfully address fascia in brain-injured…

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Our programs

ABR International offers 3 online-delivered ABR Programs. Both the ABR Online Program (12 months) and the ABR Introductory Online Module (3 months) come with a full ABR Review  and a…

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Revolutionary techniques

The trans-fascial, visco-elastic stimulation techniques, invented by ABR, bring unprecedented benefits. They have revolutionized the world of rehabilitation of Cerebral Palsy! Our techniques and rehabilitation method are : Complementary to conventional approach…

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